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Take Action

Survey: Is America Headed in the Right Direction?

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Thank you Rep. Western!

For reining in government regulations and bureaucracy.

Thank You for Supporting Education Savings Accounts in Wyoming!

Thank your elected officials for supporting education savings accounts in Wyoming! A Significant Step Forward in Education.

Big Government Regulations Are Not The Answer To Lower Utility Costs

As advocates for a free-market approach that aligns with Wyoming’s historical values, we oppose legislation like Senate File 23 on energy resource procurement. While the bill aims to ensure fair utility bidding processes, its detailed prescriptions risk micromanaging private businesses. 

Repeal Certificate of Need in Wyoming!

You deserve greater access to better health care at a price you can afford. To make that happen, we need to remove the barriers that stand between us and the medical professionals we trust. We can do that with House Bill 24.

Tell Washington: It’s Time to Secure Our Border

Right now, there is a crisis at our border, and it’s long past time for Washington to take real action to address it.  The President must put politics aside and work with Congress to take emergency steps to restore the rule of law at our border and fix our immigration system.